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Find Out How Boxed Lunches in Los Angeles Can Elevate Your Next Office Meal!

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Nothing binds people together like Food. Gourmet boxed lunches that take your team’s food preferences into consideration, is a definite win-win for all.

If you are the designated Lunch coordinator at work or an administrative assistant, here’s a scenario you will instantly recognize: it’s 10 AM. You’re in the middle of a project when you get an email from your boss. “Getting the marketing department together for an office lunch meeting next week, in the conference room. Can you take care of it?”

One e-mail and you’ve got a few days to plan the perfect office lunch that would keep everyone happy. You shoulder the responsibility of undertaking individual food requests, placing orders correctly, at the right time, while receiving the food delivery on time, too. That’s a lot of different considerations to keep in mind!

I wasn't there for the lunch but the office who received it seemed happy with it. I liked that they had healthy food and different options so there was something for everyone.

You want to ensure the menu is diverse, fits your budget, hygienic and is served at the right time! If you don’t have enough variety or provide cold food, no one will be happy with their meal, no matter how expensive it was.

To pull it off, you need to count on a reputed caterer in Los Angeles to make it all happen.

So, what’s the best way forward? Here at Stix&Straws, we’ve compiled eight useful tips that will get you and your team tasting the unique flavors of Los Angeles, with an array of boxed lunches, guaranteed to keep your team energized.

Food was healthy, delicious and had good portions. The owner delivered to ensure everything went well. It was a lunch for close to 40 people. Everyone loved it. Will definitely use this place again!

1. Place Your Order Early.

Nothing throws a wrench in a caterer’s operations like a late order they’re trying to squeeze in. When it comes to meeting your catering needs, you need to give them a reasonable amount of time.

As one of the most reputed caterers of boxed lunches Los Angeles, Stix&Straws requires 24 hours’ notice, to deliver the perfect meal, prepared with the freshest ingredients.

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2. Opt for Boxed Lunches, for People With Food Allergies and Sensitivities.

Between allergies and sensitivities, it can be easy to make some employees feel alienated when you place a blanket order for Pepperoni Pizza. Find a corporate lunch caterer who has options for boxed lunches that will satisfy a plethora of dietary needs, from gluten-free bread to a fulfilling sandwich.

Whether it’s a voluntary diet or something a doctor has prescribed, many employees today are conscious of what they consume. From vegan, and vegetarian salads to deliciously juicy, Classic Burger Sandwiches (and everything in between), respecting each person’s dietary needs will maintain a happy ambiance at your next meeting.

Everything was packaged really well and easily marked. The food was delicious.

At Stix&Straws, not only can you order a variety of health-conscious options, such as our Teriyaki Bowl or Individual Stix Plates, everything comes hygienically boxed, ready to savor in all its glory.

Create a spreadsheet with guests’ names and dietary restrictions. This can prevent issues and save time. The spreadsheet allows for easy reference when placing orders and ensures any dangerous allergies are prioritized over preferences.

3. Torn Between Delicious Sandwiches and Fulfilling Salads? Boxed Lunches Could Be the Way To Go.

The pandemic changed a lot of things. Apart from a hybrid working environment, it also puts a spotlight on how hygiene should be tackled at corporate lunches, ensuring everyone has a safe, satisfying mealtime.

Stix&Straws boxed lunches ensure everyone receives the meal they crave, want and order, in the right portion size for one, with all of the sides, sauces, dessert and dishes they asked for. As opposed to buffet-style lunches, there’s no guessing or over-ordering—and no food waste. Boxed lunches are individually packaged in a sustainable, biodegradable or container, with individual utensils.

Delicious food came right on time, and the restaurant stayed in contact with me. They made every accommodation I asked for and provided great alternatives. Packaging was perfect, and kept the food warm. I highly recommend Stix & Straws, my office loved it.

4. Find a Reliable Caterer That Delivers on Time.

There are so many tasks that need to get done in a single workday. Being in charge of picking up and delivering lunch is probably not one you want to add to your list. Find a caterer in LA who has a stellar list of credentials for everything you look for. At Stix&Straws, not only do we deliver, but we bring the order in, set it up, and make sure you have everything you need before we leave. A few things to be mindful of; The order must be a $100 minimum and we appreciate 24-hour notice to accommodate all of your delivery and dietary needs, according to your customized budget.
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5. Opt for a Caterer Who Makes Your Life Easy-Going.

Let’s be honest; in the middle of your workday, in between meetings, the last thing you want to do is travel down to restaurants and place your order. Stix&Straws makes life easy by allowing you to order through multiple channels; whether it’s by phone, from your computer or on your smartphone. Simply access our Online Catering Menu to add all your preferences and dietary requirements. Get your order going in no time; delicious food will make its way to you as promised.
Milk Tea Iced Regular

6. Water Is an Option. But More Beverages Will Make the Difference.

Details matter when it comes to creating a truly memorable event. And that’s why most of our customers love our beverage options. Instead of just the standard water or coffee, we help elevate the atmosphere by offering Thai Tea, Milk Tea and other unique beverages. Not only are they delicious treats for the taste buds, but they also add a touch of exotic flair to any gathering.

Imagine sipping on a creamy and aromatic Milk Tea or a bold and invigorating Thai Tea, surrounded by the company of your colleagues. Let’s make your event one that stands out and is truly memorable for all involved.

7. Make Boring Meetings a Little Sweeter.

Indulge in the sweetest way to finish off your office lunch with our delicious Brownie Bites or Liege Waffles.

Imagine biting into the warm, gooey center of our Brownie Bites, made with rich chocolate and the perfect amount of sweetness to satisfy your cravings. Or, treat yourself to the indulgent, caramelized flavor of our Liege Waffles, made with real Belgian pearl sugar for a truly satisfying experience.

Whether you’re looking to elevate your lunchtime meal or simply need a pick-me-up to power through the afternoon, our desserts are the perfect choice.

Don’t just take our word for it, try them yourself!

Waffles Regular

8. Think of Something, Extra.

Meetings are taxing as is. So why not make your lunch break something everyone can look forward to? As a reputed Los Angeles caterer, we know what ticks and kicks- that’s why our range of specialty sauces and dippings has been a hit in every event we’ve catered to.

Our sauces are made with the freshest, finest, ingredients, and are carefully crafted to provide the perfect balance of sweet, savory, and spicy. Whether you’re enjoying some juicy sticks, snacking on a bowl of fresh Cesar salad, or simply want to add some flavor to your favorite side, our sauces are guaranteed to satisfy.

Don’t take our word for it. Take the word of our customers who crave our exciting, lip-smacking sauces along with our mains.

Food was healthy, delicious and had good portions. The owner delivered to ensure everything went well. It was a lunch for close to 40 people. Everyone loved it. Will definitely use this place again!

When it comes to feeding your coworkers, make your company’s food choices really count!

If your workplace catering plan needs to be taken up by a notch — or if you don’t have one at all —Stix&Straws is here to help. From catering and take-out delivery, we offer customizable dining solutions for every business.

Our diverse and inclusive menus are designed to cater to every taste, dietary preference and budget, including Halal options to accommodate all the members of your team.

Contact us today to get started!