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Your Top 5 Insider Tips for Choosing the Best Office Caterer in LA.

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Thinking of hiring an office caterer in Los Angeles can seem quite overwhelming, especially when you have people with diverse palates and dietary needs within the same workplace.

Food on a stick catering for offices in Los Angeles

The caterer that you choose can in fact make or break your next office event; After all, no one is going to have a good time if the food arrived cold, soggy and tasted bland.

When you are looking for corporate event catering LA businesses trust, it helps to start by reviewing these essential information.

Following are 5 outstanding qualities you will find in the best office catering companies in LA:

1. Make a List of Corporate Catering Services That Serves Great Food With an Extensive Menu

A lot goes into creating an excellent corporate catering experience and you need an accomplished caterer to make things flow smoothly and deliver on time.

Look at someone who could cater to diverse dietary needs. Whether your guests crave a healthy, fulfilling meal on a plate, on a bowl, in a sandwich, or wrapped in lettuce. Your caterer should have a wide menu to meet most employees’ dietary requests, be it vegan, vegetarian or their choice of proteins like fish, chicken or beef.

This is my FAVORITE Meal for Executive's...They LOVE IT!,
and if there is left overs my office staff rave's about the food. They have always been on time with my requested orders.

Another interesting aspect to look for is originality in their menu. Specialty dishes add flavor and make your event memorable. Having a selection of accompanying sides to choose from can add depth to the table.

Bonus points if your catering company has little secret recipes, sauces and dippings of their own, so the freshly prepared food tastes unique.

Catering trays with sides

Food was healthy, delicious and had good portions. The owner delivered to ensure everything went well. It was a lunch for close to 40 people. Everyone loved it. Will definitely use this place again!

2. Select the Ones With Stellar Office Catering Credentials

Not all catering companies in Los Angeles are made equal. Some catering services hire inexperienced crew who aren’t capable of dealing with large groups or major corporate events. Some vendors choose volume over quality and freshness.

Oftentimes the best office caterers are independent family-owned operations. Typically the owner will manage important office lunch orders. You can be assured of the freshest veggies, the best catch, and the most flavorful ingredients. You’ll get to eat tasty, healthy cuisine at unbeatable value.

Stix and Straws is an office favorite and they never disappoint! The owner is so nice and always remembers me.

Read various third party reviews on Los Angeles caterers. Look at what previous clients have said about their overall experience. Don’t settle for anything less than a 4.8 (out of 5) star rating, or a 98% excellence rate.

Knowing a little more about who prepares and handles your meals, their references and credentials will give you confidence when you make your decision on a Los Angeles corporate caterer.

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3. Narrow It Down to Caterers With Efficient and On-Time Delivery

A corporate event is a gathering of people who value their time. Serving food on time, at the perfect temperature is everything when it comes to food service. Showing up even a few minutes late could ruin the fun at your office party. You’ll want to make sure that the catering service has a proven track record of on-time delivery with the food at the right temperatures.

The next time you Google “Office catering Los Angeles” with hopes of finding the best match for your party, keep these insider tips from Stix and Straws in mind. Know exactly what to expect and please your guests with minimum hassle from your end.

I ordered this again because my team begged me!!!! Of course, the food was fabulous!!!
Everyone is hooked on the potato salad and the shrimp!!! Only thing left was a little bit of rice.
Thank you so much!!!

4. Choose a Few That Are Willing To Listen to Your Needs

For your corporate event, you want to make sure that the food that is served matches the theme of the event; whether you’re serving breakfast, snacks, lunch or dinner. The best corporate caterers will listen to your exact requirements, and craft a personalized menu to suit your budget and dietary needs.

Depending on the time and setting of the party, you may also prefer to serve specialty treats, smoothies and desserts.

Choosing a caterer who is flexible, responsive and provides different menu options, will give you peace of mind.

Office catering burger platter

The office was thrilled to have this catered again!
A must try.

5. Pick the One With Impeccable Planning and Management Skills

Planning your corporate event is taxing enough. The last thing you want is for the caterer failing to deliver on time. A good catering company not only serves delicious food, is professional, reliable, and most importantly, takes accountability for what they serve.

With proper planning, your caterer can ensure there’s a variety of food on the table, so guests can choose the food they crave without compromise. With good management, they make sure that you don’t run out of food in any condition and everything goes smoothly.

Owner delivered food and was a delight. Fun and unique lunch option. Shrimp were especially fresh and delicious.

Their attention to detail can also be judged by first impressions. The best corporate catering companies strive to make sure that there is no area for problems, from following the best food safety standards to proper hygiene. From the way the food is packed to the way it is delivered, make sure your caterer leaves no stone unturned.

Their planning and management skills should be impeccable.

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