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Make Every Midday Meal a Treat; 9 Inspiring Office Lunch Catering Ideas.

Office Lunch Catering Ideas

Are you tired of the same old company lunch options?
Want to brainstorm unique and satisfying lunch ideas?

Let’s face it – the standard sandwich and salad company lunches can get boring after a while. Why not spice things up with fun office lunch catering ideas that are unique and refreshing? Whether you’re on a tight budget or looking for something a little more special, there are plenty of great company lunch catering ideas to choose from.

Healthy protein wraps, gourmet sandwiches, delicious in-house sauces and dips, finger-licking-chicken tenders-on-a-stick and and teriyaki bowls- the list is endless when it comes to adding variety and spice to your lunch break. Whether you’re treating just a few people or hosting a business meeting with out-of-town guests, a well-executed corporate lunch is also a very effective tool to attract and retain the kind of talent that can deliver game-changing results to your organization.

Here are 9 corporate luncheon ideas to inspire your meeting, plus 5 important questions to consider before placing your order.

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Build Your Own Food-on-a-Stick Plate!

We are all aware of the traditional salad bar—so much healthy goodness, so much choice. What’s not to love? Although we’re not ones to say ‘no’ to a customizable combination of romaine, croutons and cherry tomatoes, salad bars can be a bit cliche.

But that’s not to say that you have to forego them altogether. They can be elevated by adding a fun theme and taking a non-traditional approach. But what other kinds of build-your-own buffet options can we throw into the menu mix?

Our customized lunchtime food on a skewer or Stix Plates are a huge hit with the local office crowd.. Our Stix Plates are beaming with your customized choice of protein, rice, salad, and a side of your choice. Your team is also free to pick and choose from our range of in-house dipping sauces to make it sweet, spicy, or the best of both worlds.

Say “Hello” to New American Cuisine

Introduce your team to New American Cuisine – a culinary movement that is shaking up the office lunch scene and taking taste buds on a journey of bold flavors and unexpected ingredients. This fusion of traditional American dishes with international spices and cooking techniques creates a unique and contemporary dining experience unlike anything you’ve had before.

The dishes often reflect the cultural diversity of the United States and can include elements of East Asia, the Indian subcontinent, the Mediterranean and Europe fused with food from the good ol’ USA. With New American Cuisine, your menu might include specialty dishes like the Chicken Teriyaki Bowl brimming with juicy protein and a sweet and tangy teriyaki sauce, or traditional American fare like cheeseburgers, corn dog bites. Other items on the menu might include Southeast Asian style skewered meats and vegetables on a stick, paired with mouth-watering dipping sauces like Thai Peanut, and Coconut Curry.

New American Cuisine celebrates diversity and pushes the boundaries of what you thought possible in your typical office lunch menu.

B.C.R Sandwich

Gourmet Burgers? Why Not!

Salads are a classic office lunch option, but why not take things up a notch with some gourmet burger options?

Indulge in our classic burgers, sandwiches, such as the juicy and tasty Classic Burger with all the fixings, or our sweet and full-flavored Hawaiian Burger stacked with fresh toppings. For a spicy twist, try our Southwest Burger loaded with onions, and spicy chipotle sauce. Other options include the crispy Buffalo Burger with tangy buffalo sauce and ranch, or the Swiss Burger with melted Swiss cheese and caramelized mushroom and onions.

When it comes to burgers, you can never go wrong; it’s a treat everyone can enjoy.

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How About A Juicy Burger Patty Wrapped In Crisp Lettuce? A Healthy And Flavorful Option.

Your office staff will want food that’s delicious, healthy, adds variety and accommodates their different dietary needs. One great option is to order the burger patty served in a lettuce wrap-This way, your team can enjoy the same delicious flavors without all the extra carbs from the bun.

Let your colleagues indulge in a guilt-free, wholesome and delicious experience! Protein choices include juicy Beef, succulent Chicken, hearty Garden Patty (vegetarian) or flavorful Beyond Meat (vegan. All nestled in a crisp lettuce wrap and packed with savory fillings.

Delicious food came right on time, and the restaurant stayed in contact with me. They made every accommodation I asked for and provided great alternatives. Packaging was perfect, and kept the food warm. I highly recommend Stix & Straws, my office loved it.

Seasonal And Hearty Soups

Soup is a great option for the office because it can be filling without weighing everyone down.

Consider giving employees a range of soups to choose from, including vegetarian options. Let them indulge in a bowl of warm and comforting noodle soup, brimming with succulent shrimp or filled with silky tofu, along with a medley of savory herbs and spices. You will never go wrong with the soothing essence of Chicken Noodle Soup, where every spoonful brings together tender chicken, al dente noodles, and aromatic herbs in a savory broth. The perfect comfort food for any day.

Amp Up The Nutrition With Hearty Salads

Many employees will reach for a salad at lunchtime because it’s light, healthy, and can be filling. Incorporate seasonal, fresh produce. A bowl of fresh, crispy Cesar salad or a bountiful serving of the house salad with your choice of dressing on the side will never go wrong. And here’s what’s even better: you have the option to add your choice of protein to make it a filling and satisfying meal. Grilled chicken, succulent shrimp, or juicy Beyond Meat, the choice is yours!

A hearty office lunch, sorted!

Veggie Bowl

Boxed Lunches

Corporate lunch boxes are always popular because they make up for a quick lunch with no compromise on hygiene. This option is particularly convenient for busy employees who may not have time to leave the office for lunch. Boxed lunches can be customized to meet the dietary restrictions and preferences of employees.

Stix&Straws Boxed Lunches are a great option and can include anything from Protein Stix to Pasta salad, or even a Classic Hawaiian Burger if that’s your liking.

Food Trucks Can Be A Fun-Twist To An Otherwise Mundane Lunch.

When you’re looking for the latest office lunch catering ideas, don’t forget about Food trucks! They are a growing trend in office lunch catering as they offer unique and delicious ways to feed the office. From pasta salad and spring rolls to Mexican cuisine, they cover it all!

Stix&Straws doesn’t have a food truck. But it’s a great idea nonetheless.

Halal catering for office lunches

Buffet-Style Meals for Large Groups and Families

Buffet style meals offer you a cost-effective and efficient option for your next corporate catering event. They are a great option for catering to large groups and office family parties. Here are a few benefits.

  • Value for Money: Often less expensive than plated meals. Large portions can be shared among multiple people. This can be a budget-friendly option for your company.
  • Efficient: Allows for larger groups to be served more efficiently
  • Conversation Starter: Can be visually appealing and a conversation starter among guests It also promotes a sense of community and camaraderie among the staff and their families.
  • Employee Perk: Showcase the company’s culture and values to your employees as an added perk
  • Portion Control: Provides flexibility for guests to choose what they want to eat and how much of it they want
  • Team Dynamics: Boosts employee morale and improves team dynamics.
  • Inclusive atmosphere: Everyone can serve themselves and enjoy the same dishes together. Help create a more inclusive and relaxing atmosphere.
  • Food Exploration: A great opportunity for employees and their families to try new foods and expand their palates.

For more creative and inspiring office lunch catering ideas, talk to our team of professional caterers here at Stix&Straws. We will be happy to create an innovative lunch experience to suit your preferences and budget. Most importantly, we can make sure your entire team loves it!

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